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Navigating the policy and regulatory landscape to 2030 and beyond…

Join our webinar to hear our thoughts on the regulatory and policy initiatives designed to help Ireland reach its 2030 energy goals. This webinar will focus on the Climate Action Plan (CAP) and its policies and targets. Also, we will discuss how the CAP feeds into longer-term goals as outlined in other Irish initiative and EU wide policies and regulations such as the Clean Energy Package (CEP). 

 We will outline the policy makers’ road maps for implementation of the CEP, map out the associated  timelines, and detail what would need to happen in order for Ireland to meet its 2030 energy and climate goals. 

 Ireland failed to meet its 2020 goals so will lessons be learned to ensure we reach our 2030 targets? To do so, immediate action is necessary. This webinar will help detail what actions are likely to occur within this decade, what policy it stems from, and what these changes will mean for the market players.

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Time: 2pm – 3pm

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For more information on our ‘Policy and regulation service’, please visit our webpage HERE, or contact Catherine Edwards on c.edwards@cornwall-insight.ie or Ratno Sengupta on r.sengupta@cornwall-insight.ie

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