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Financing net zero: Ireland’s net zero energy system

Reaching net zero emissions by 2050 will require a radical transformation across our economy and society to meet the challenge of climate change. With the Irish government set to write this into law, we look at the significant shift the electricity system will undergo over the next 30 years to meet these targets through our ‘All-Island forward curve’.

Join our webinar on 4 November to hear our thoughts on how Ireland can achieve net zero in the power sector by 2050, potential energy mixes, credible long-term electricity prices and what negative carbon emissions mean for future electricity markets.

We will present three scenarios on how net zero can be achieved through our forward curve, which captures the rapidly changing market dynamics of greater renewables, flexibility, interconnection energy storage and electric vehicles. This is informed through our in-depth understanding of markets’ regulatory and commercial arrangements.

Our panel:

  • Tom Edwards, Senior Modeller, Cornwall Insight
  • Conall Bolger, Head of Energy Markets, Cornwall Insight
  • Peter Connolly, Managing Director, Cornwall Insight (chair)

Key benefits:

  • Understand the range of credible long-term electricity prices
  • Assist in developing an investment policy
  • Assist in making informed decisions
  • Incorporate asset levels into project/portfolio
  • Assess the value delivered by different routes to market

Design for:

  • Banks and debt providers
  • Equity investors
  • Developers
  • Financial advisors
  • Operators and traders

 Who we are:

Cornwall Insight is pre-eminent in consultancy creating clarity in complex markets and guiding clients through markets beset by widespread regulatory, policy and commercial change. The Cornwall Insight team leverages a powerful combination of quantitative analytical capability, qualitative and practical understanding of how the markets function, and a detailed appreciation of industry codes, procurement models and policy frameworks.

For more information on our ‘All-Island forward curve’, please click HERE

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