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SEM and commodity pricing report

The ‘SEM and commodity pricing report’ brings transparency to the market, covering the latest trends in power, gas and international commodity prices.

Service overview

The ‘SEM and commodity pricing report’ succeeds our ‘Irish energy market bulletin’ and has been designed to allow subscribers to make sense of a complex dynamic market. It focuses upon the fundamental drivers in the market, enabling customers to form a consolidated view and identify potential opportunities, risks or strategies. The service includes:

Regular insights

Customers receive weekly reports detailing trends and providing an outlook for wholesale power, gas and international commodity markets.

Succinct and comprehensive insight

The report combines visual data representations of market and commodity pricing allied with a focused interpretation of those dynamics. The report looks back on the preceding week’s trading activities and looks forward at likely movements in prices and market inputs in the forthcoming week.

For more information or a quote, please contact Ratnottama Sengupta,  on +353 (0) 1 657 3420 or at enquiries@cornwall-insight.ie 

Service specification

Service elements

SEM focus : In-depth commentary focussed on key market developments or trends in the wholesale market.

Market outlook: Consolidated outlook on the market fundamentals.

Power market: A review of the previous week’s pricing, including forward, ex-ante and balancing markets.

Gas market: The formation of the Irish Balancing Point (IBP) prices and National Balancing Point (NBP).

Commodity markets: Analysis of the commodity markets.

Key market news: Important news and market developments, both local and international.

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