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Policy and regulations service Ireland

Cornwall Insight Ireland have developed a 'Policy and regulations service' to provide a complete list of open policy and regulatory consultations and code modifications, and their impact on various customer groups.

Service overview

Cornwall Insight’s ‘Policy and regulations service Ireland’ is designed to help generators, suppliers, investors, large energy users and other players with interests in the Irish electricity and gas markets to stay up-to-date with open consultations in related policies and regulations.

The ‘Policy and regulations service Ireland’ helps your business keep track of all open consultations and understand the relevance; enabling you to navigate, understand and form a fitting response to help bring about any policy and regulatory change.

The ‘Policy and regulations service Ireland’ has been designed to help your business keep track of open consultations, and to understand the degree and nature of impact of the consultations. The service focuses on guiding your attention towards the pertinent responses that may be required towards the open consultation.

For more information on our ‘Policy and regulations service Ireland’, please download the service specification below, or contact Ratnottama Sengupta, on +353 (0) 1 657 3420 or at enquiries@cornwall-insight.ie 


Service specification

Activity it supports


  • Updates on open policy and regulatory consultations


  • Guides responses to open consultations


  • Interprets possible impacts of questions raised by open consultations

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