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March 2020


A message from our CEO

Gareth Miller
Gareth Miller
20 March 2020

Dear customers and partners

Covid-19 is understandably occupying widespread attention. We felt it was important to reassure you that we have a robust plan to maintain continuity of service, whilst looking after the welfare of our employees, their families and of course our customers, and to let you know how that will be achieved.

Our people have been equipped with remote working capability over many years and regularly work from different locations both nationally and internationally.

We also already benefit from and utilise a range of platforms to allow for virtual customer interaction. We will be making use of these existing tools to ensure the delivery of our subscriptions reports and consulting activity will continue as normal, but interactions with our customers in these areas will be supported by video conferencing and telephone communication instead of face-to-face meetings.  Again, this form of communication is not new to us and has been established practice for many years in an insight-led business with large national and international clients.

Our public forums and training that we would otherwise convene at a physical location will now move to virtual webinars. We think this gives certainty now to our customers about delivery and also protects the welfare of our employees and our customers as much as we can by avoiding travel and gathering in close proximity, without any detriment to the quality of insight and knowledge sharing that we are able to deliver. We are highly experienced at delivering webinars as they have formed part of our existing services for many years. We will be contacting our customers in this area imminently to discuss our plans.

Our experts are also reviewing and assessing the impact and risk areas for the Energy Sector as we move closer to the next phase of the Government’s four-stage crisis plan and we will be adding specific coverage to our Irish Weekly Bulletin and Energy Spectrum Ireland publications, market intelligence and regulatory insight services to ensure we cover key impacts of Covid-19 as they unfold.

Finally, as is evident by our approach, whilst we may not be able to physically meet you for a period of time, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be engaging or communicating with you. Far from it, we see our dialogue and exchanges growing. During this time, when travel, convening and attending meetings becomes more challenging, the delivery of digital insight, intelligence and solutions to you will become more and not less vital. We recognise that we have an important role in the success of the businesses we serve and the people who work in them. We will make sure that we keep that sense of purpose at the heart of our approach in the coming months.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting your normal CI points.

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