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Energy Spectrum Ireland service

The ‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’ service has been designed to arm subscribers with the information and insights necessary to succeed.

Service overview

Our Cornwall Insight ‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’ service, designed for generators, suppliers, regulators, policy makers, investors, large energy users and other players with an interest in the energy sector across the island of Ireland, is made up of three integral parts; our monthly ‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’ publication, our supplementary ‘Irish Weekly Bulletin’ and regular briefing sessions with consultants.

For more information or a quote, please contact Cathal Ryan on +353 (0) 1 657 3420 or at enquiries@cornwall-insight.ie 

Service specification

Service components

Comprehensive coverage – ‘Irish weekly bulletin’

The ‘Irish weekly bulletin’ captures all the important developments across the energy sector, Our experts condense all the stories of the week into bitesize chunks, helping you keep on top of the news as it happens.

High impact commentary – ‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’

‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’ distils down the important elements of sectoral developments in a concise and accessible manner so that customers can stay ahead of developments.
‘Energy Spectrum Ireland’ contains high impact articles from the previous months weekly bulletins. At the end of each article, each development is profiled by our experts from five sector viewpoints. Market developments have vastly different impacts on different sectors of the energy market, so by providing contrasting commentary, we can provide your business with insight to help you succeed. This allows you to assess the impacts of changes from a view point you can relate to.

Access to our consultants– Briefing service

Navigating market changes can be difficult without the clarity of the wider context of the changes. As part of this service, we will hold regular briefing sessions where our consultants will discuss the latest market developments, allowing you to get the guidance you need to adapt your business to these changes.


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