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19th December 2019

An extra incentive in RESS-1 support scheme

The new Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS) will provide support to renewable electricity projects in Ireland. The scheme will be a competitive auction-based funding mechanism with a primary focus on cost-effectiveness. The RESS-1 auctions are actively targeting between 1TWh – 3TWh of renewable energy that can be delivered ahead of […]


3rd September 2019

Slow and steady wins the CPPA race in Ireland

The Corporate Purchase Power Agreement (CPPA) market in Ireland is being targeted by the government as a viable route to help achieve its 2030 renewable energy targets. The Irish government has set out a goal of 15% of renewable electricity directly contracted to corporates by 2030. The latest insight paper […]


14th August 2019

Cornwall Insight Ireland comments on the half-yearly Irish EV sales

Although the Irish passenger car market is down 7.36% on 2018 for the year-to-date (YTD), the sales for alternatively fuelled (BEV, PHEV and hybrid-electric) passenger cars have shown steady growth. A total of 9,582 alternatively fuelled vehicles have been sold for the YTD, a 69% increase on 2018’s total. The […]


23rd July 2019

Cornwall Insight Ireland comments on the proposed increase to Imperfections Charge

A proposed increase to the Imperfections Charge* (and Incentive Outurn) has been discussed in a consultation paper that has been issued by the SEM Committee (SEMC). This was in response to the transmission system operator’s (TSO’s) submission – where they proposed an increase of 53% on the 2018-19 tariff year […]


18th June 2019

Pricing and renewables: estimating the new Celtic Interconnector use

Earlier this month Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and French President Emmanuel Macron signed a letter confirming plans to build a new 700MW Celtic Interconnector. With the looming context of Brexit, volatile energy prices and discussions about how to enable high volumes of renewables, Cornwall Insight Ireland has examined the likely flows […]


3rd June 2019

Peat offsets no-coal in Ireland’s drive for greener generation

According to data supplied by ENTSO-E, Ireland saw a total of 30 days without coal-fired generation on the system. This will aid Ireland’s progress in meeting its green ambitions. However, the latest research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows that the presence of peat on the system may have offset some […]


18th April 2019

Shortfall in Ireland’s 70% renewable target

The Irish government recently announced that Ireland’s ambitions for tackling climate change would no longer lag behind the rest of Europe, with their commitment to having 70% of all electricity generated coming from renewable sources by 2030. Research from Cornwall Insight Ireland shows that as things currently stand there is […]


21st February 2019

Gas proxy still relevant in SEM

Historically, gas prices in Great Britain have largely influenced hedging strategies in the Irish Single Electricity Market (SEM), acting as the proxy commodity of choice. A proxy hedge involves using one commodity in another market with prices that are closely correlated. GB gas prices are chosen due to its inherent […]


6th February 2019

Cornwall Insight Ireland’s analysis of the high pricing in the Balancing Market

On 24th January the balancing market recorded the highest price since ISEM went live, at €3774/MWh, this was more than double the previous high the market had recorded. This resulted from SONI (System Operator in Northern Ireland) issuing an amber alert due to generation losses in NI. The alert was […]


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