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Our History

Cornwall Insight Ireland was established in early 2018. With an office in central Dublin, the company has built a client base across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Starting with one employee, the company now has a team of consultants operating on an all-island basis.

Offering market leading insights via our publications (Energy Spectrum Ireland and I-SEM Chart of the Week), Cornwall Insight Ireland has developed in a suite of energy training courses (e.g. I-SEM Fundamentals) and market intelligence products (e.g. Power Purchase Agreement Report and Capacity Remuneration Forecast).

The Irish and Northern Irish markets are central to the growth of Cornwall Insight. Our chief executive Gareth Miller has significant experience in the market. The company’s growth plans are based on offering insights that are valued by the sector.

Cornwall Insight, named after its founder Nigel Cornwall, was established in 2005 with three employees and was based in a holiday cottage on the grounds of Nigel’s home in Norfolk. Over the last 10 years the company has experienced exceptional growth and occupies a unique position in the GB energy market providing research, insight and intelligence to existing or potential market participants and their advisors.

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