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BFG: Big Frequency Game

Since last Friday’s (9 August’s) power blackout there has been considerable interest in how National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) balances power demand and supply. Terms such as frequency, rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) and inertia have all gained in currency. Today’s Chart of the Week shows the distribution of frequency […]

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Chart of the Week
15th August 2019

Rock the boat: Exploring the commercial merits of Shannon LNG

Back in April we delved into Ireland’s growing import dependency amid a backdrop of record gas imports into the SEM. Four months on and the trend has persisted, with figures out to the end of July showing imports at a two year high, 29% higher than last year at 2.6bcm. […]

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SEM Chart of the Week
16th August 2019

Policy Government criticised for cancellation of Deep Retrofit Programme Government details proposed marine planning changes Reopening of Longford power station hit by delay Domestic RHI scheme flaws … read more

Ireland Energy Weekly Bulletin
16th August 2019

Policy IPCC report: Green Party responds “No electric car charge points have been introduced by the ESB since 2016”: Green Party IrBEA and Cré Ltd launch a roadmap showcasing how biogas can suppo… read more

Ireland Energy Weekly Bulletin
9th August 2019

Policy Northern Ireland’s coastline conditions “not yet right for offshore wind development” Latest funding allocation for Local Authority Homes surpasses €25mn New energy efficiency standards… read more

Ireland Energy Weekly Bulletin
2nd August 2019

Policy Government approves a revised Marine Bill to support Ireland’s energy transition ESB power plant is refused permission to burn peat past 2020 Emissions in industry are “projected to increas… read more

Ireland Energy Weekly Bulletin
26th July 2019

Risky business: forecasting revenues for green power

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News Room
25th July 2019

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